Gavin James feat. Philippine

Gavin James is an Irish singer-songwriter, born in 1991. A self-taught artist, he made a name for himself thanks to Ed Sheeran. With his true gift for music, the young Gavin composed his own songs at the age of 8 and founded his first rock band. Like many Irish singers, he started off in Dublin pubs and soon discovered his passion for the stage. Every night he hoped to catch the audience's attention. That's how he met Ed Sheeran. The two instantly hit it off having a passion for similar music. From then on, he played the support role for Sheeran and became known to the general public. In 2016, he signed a contract with Sony and released his first album Bitter Pill. This was followed by a huge tour during which he nevertheless focused on the composition of the songs for his next album. Two years later, Only Ticket Home was released in stores and the single Always opened the doors to success for Gavin James. To capture a French following, the singer released a new version in 2019 in which he performs a duet with the young French singer Philippine who was a finalist in The Voice in 2016. A winning bet now that Always is a big hit...

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