Music schools and
piano teachers

Do your students want to learn to play some of the great standards of variety or classical music?
Do you sometimes buy expensive sheet music compilations then end up using only one or two of them?
Do you spend a lot of time writing your own adaptations for your students?
Would you like material for your group lessons and workshops?

The perfect product for your piano lessons

  • different skill levels for each song your teachers can choose the best level for each student, without having to spend time writing a separate adaptation each time
  • solo piano or piano accompaniment for each song, you can choose between music sheets that are specifically written for solo piano or for accompanying a singer or another instrument
  • all our piano sheet music has been written and verified by a team of piano teachers
  • all sheet music includes fingering

A varied catalogue to cater for a wide array of tastes, for both students and teachers

  • French & international pop, movie soundtracks, jazz, blues, gospel, classic, Christmas, songs for children

Printable sheet music:

  • that you can display without any time limit and on various devices (Computers, IPads, tablets, Smartphones...)
  • that you can print out twice (2 printing sessions available)

Sheet music for transposing instruments to Eb and Bb

A responsive customer service, giving fast answers when needed

How does it work?

If you can pay by bank card or PayPal

  • first you need to open an account with us then you can purchase and print out your sheet music as and when you wish

If you do not have the use of a bank card, you can pay by bank transfer

  • if you wish to pay by bank transfer, first you need to open an account with us
  • then send us an email to so we can give you our bank details (RIB)
  • once you have made the transfer, please contact us again by email to let us know
  • as soon as your transfer has been credited to our account, we credit your Noviscore account with your chosen amount and free sheet music, if applicable, (please see above) and inform you by email
  • you can then select your sheet music and print it out

Commercial conditions

you can get free sheet music when you credit your Noviscore account by bank card or PayPal:

  • For 35 euros/USD or £20 : 1 free sheet music
  • For 50 euros/USD or £30 : 2 free sheet music
  • For 70 euros/USD or £40 : 3 free sheet music

(plus 1 for every additional 20 euros/USD or £15)

Special Requests

If you have any special requests, please do not hesitate to contact us at