About us

Noviscore (limited company)

Established in April 2006
Noviscore, 76 chemin de l'Androune, Mas de Mouton, 30630 Verfeuil, France
Registration number: 48967445700028

Run by 2 partners, both musicians:

Raphaël Soudre

Born 9 December 1976

Graduate of a private music teaching conservatory in Lyon, France
Piano graduate of the jazz department of the Lyon Conservatory (France)
Master class with Chick Corea, Ricardo del Fra and Didier Lockwood
Piano and musical formation musical teacher in a music school, in the Contemporary Music department (2000 to 2003)
Composer and arranger for "Yellow Productions" record label
(artist’s contract, single CD in 2004, 4 maxi vinyls remixed by DJs Bob Sinclar, David Guetta and Wally Lopez)

Jean-Marc Fallion

Born 12 February 1964

Self-taught musician (piano, guitar, percussion)
Graduate of Reims business school (France)
Formerly Marketing Director for l’Oréal
Founder of "Eveil et Musique" association
(a state-supported association to help special needs children through the use of music)
Teacher for «Musique et Santé» (Music and Health) association
Composer for singer Bérénice (Universal/AZ)

The concept: «Musical scores made to be played!»

We believe it is not normal that millions of amateur musicians have trouble finding sheet music that is right for their skill level, for their instrument or for their own particular needs (playing solo, accompanying oneself on an instrument while singing, etc.).

We believe that anyone who sees music as a leisure activity, as a source of pleasure, should be able to play it, even if they do not have a very good command of music theory or much time to practice their instrument.

Our aim is to:

  • innovate in the world of musical scores
    (our project is backed by Oséo-Anvar on account of its innovative quality)
  • truly adapt to users’ needs and levels, making music sheets adapted to amateur musicians
  • help make the learning process less painstaking
  • create a friendly, interactive atmosphere around playing, for greater enjoyment
  • promote product quality as opposed to quantity