How It Works


Choosing your sheet music

There are 4 selection criteria:

  • Your instrument
  • Your needs (playing alone or accompanying a singer or a solo instrument)
  • Your skill level (Level 1, 2, 3 or Expert)
  • Your ability to read music (we offer an innovative system for anyone who cannot read music or for people who want to be able to read it more quickly and easily)

Noviscore offers different types of sheet music:

  • Piano sheet music for playing solo: available for different levels, either in their original form or as a simplified version
  • Piano music for accompanying a singer: in this type of score, the music played by both hands is designed especially for accompaniment. To keep the sheet music as simple as possible, instead of writing the notes of the melody, we guide the singer by indicating the first note to be sung. Our aim is to keep the arrangements simple but effective, to allow for easy singing during the instrumental accompaniment
  • Sheet music for solo instruments: "melody + chords" type scores, available in the original key, but also transposed for instruments in E flat and B flat

Choosing the assistance modules

Piano sheet music with reading aids to make them easier to decipher

For a few music sheets (Level 1 & 2 only), you can also find sound recordings to guide you by ear and video recordings to guide you visually


How to sign up

If you're a new customer, you must sign up by creating a free Noviscore account. This can be done during the purchasing phase by clicking "My account" and then "Subscribe" in the top right corner of the home page.
Noviscore promises to keep your information secure and strictly confidential.


Secure payment (Bank Card, PayPal, Bank transfer)

We give you the possibility to choose your secure payment option:

Bank Card option

We accept debit and credit bank cards.

Thanks to SSL technology, your bank details are encrypted during the transaction. They remain confidential and are not even accessible to NOVISCORE.


One of the most popular payment options on the web.

Bank transfer

For payment by bank transfer, please send us an email at:
We will send you our bank details by return.

Credit your account to pay more easily

To avoid having to enter your bank card details each time, you may credit your account for 20, 35, 50 euros, USD or GBP, or more, using your bank card, PayPal or bank transfer. In order to credit your account, please read the "Noviscore credit" section on your personal account.


Display/Print your sheet music at home

As soon as your transaction is complete, you can display and print your sheet music from your personal space "My account", either immediately after purchase or later on.

Noviscore allows you to display your sheet music for an unlimited period of time and on different devices (computer, laptop, tablet, iPad, smartphone...).

You can print your sheet music from your laptop or computer twice.

Here is our standard print procedure for printing your sheet music from any computer linked to a printer :

  • connect to
  • at the up right corner of the home page, click on "My account"
  • enter identifier and password, then click on "Login"
  • click on "Items already purchased"

After clicking on the sleeve, does your sheet music appear on the page?

If your sheet music appears, you must click on the red print button:


Printing difficulties can arise from your browser. If you are still experiencing problems, we suggest that you, provisionally, access your account via a different browser (Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Edge...)

If you don't have a printer:

You can print your sheet music from any computer linked to a printer (family, friends, work...) by logging into your Noviscore account.


Downloading your sound and video assistance modules

Once your transaction is complete, you can download your sound and video assistance modules via the "My account" section. As soon as your files have been downloaded on to your computer, you may transfer them to the device of your choice (laptop, tablet, smartphone, reader, iPad etc.).


Get free sheet music

You can get free sheet music worth the equivalent of 4.99 euros each when you credit your Noviscore account by bank card payment or PayPal as follows:

For 35 euros/USD or £20 we give you one free sheet music
For 50 euros/USD or £30 we give you two free sheet music
For 70 euros/USD or £40 we give you three free sheet music
(plus one for every additional 20 euros/USD or £15)

You can choose your sheet music at any time from our catalogue, with the exception of 4-hands music sheets and arrangements with reading aids.

Also, when you add credit to your Noviscore account, it makes future purchases easier because you will not need to enter your bank details every time.

You can credit your Noviscore account in 2 ways :

1) Either directly from your Personal Space by clicking on the "Noviscore Credit" tab. To access this tab, click here. You will need to identify yourself if you are not already logged in.


2) At the checkout stage.


Repurchase sheet music / print sessions

When you have previously purchased sheet music and used up your 2 print credits, you can purchase 2 additional print sessions for 3,99 euros/USD or £2.99 from « My account » in your personal space :

  • go to « My account » and click on the album cover of the sheet music you wish to repurchase
  • everything you have previously bought for this title will be listed on the next page (sheet music and any aids, videos...)
  • if your print counter is at zero, our site will prompt you at this stage to « repurchase your sheet music »
  • click on your cart to proceed to payment.


Adding an item to your sheet music

If you wish to complete the purchase of your sheet music with a reading, video or audio aid, here is the procedure to follow:

  • visit our website
  • at the top right of the home page, click on "My account", enter your username and password, then click on "Login".
  • in your account, click on "Items already purchased"
  • click on the album cover of the sheet music to which you want to add an item
  • add the item of your choice from “Additional Items” to your basket, click on "View my cart" and proceed to payment or continue shopping

How do I print my invoices?

My invoices are available in "My account":

  • at the top right of the home page, click on "My account", enter your username and password, then click on "Login"
  • in your account, click on "My Noviscore Invoices"

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