Harry Belafonte

Harry Belafonte was an American composer, singer and actor and one of the greatest figures of American black music in the mid-twentieth century. Born in New York, he returned to live in Jamaica, his mother's native island, where he discovered Caribbean folklore — a musical genre that would forever mark his career and inspire many of his songs. Back in the United States, he studied drama with Marlon Brando, Tony Curtis and Sydney Poitier. At the same time, he revealed his talent as a singer in jazz clubs where he gained notoriety. His remarkable performances opened the doors to Broadway and the world of musicals. It proved to be such a success that Harry decided to devote himself fully to singing career. In 1951, he signed a contract with a major record company and released several albums. His 3rd opus, "Calypso" was a hit and sold several million copies, earning him the nickname King of Calypso. This was how he introduced calypso into his repertoire to the delight of his audience. He made a series of albums and recorded the track "Try to remember", which will remain one of his biggest hits. Harry Belafonte also played in more than ten films. He was also a committed artist who fought for several causes, notably civil rights equality.  

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