Hoobastank is an American alternative rock band founded in 1994 by singer Doug Robb and guitarist Dan Estrin following their participation in the Battle of the Bands competition. When they met face to face in the qualifying rounds, a deep friendship was born between the two musicians who decided to unite their strengths by joining forces. They were soon joined by drummer Chris Hesse and bassist Markku Lappalainen. In their early days, they performed mostly in coffee shops and the rise to success was fraught with obstacles, but in 1998, they gave a concert at one of the most prestigious clubs in the United States and their careers took off. In 2001, the album "Hoobastank" received a warm welcome from the public and opened wide the doors of Asia and Europe to them. It includes the titles "Crawling in the dark" and "Running Away" which rank in the top three of the Modern Rock Tracks. In 2003, the album "The Reason" met with dazzling success and the eponymous title "The Reason", which appeared on the soundtrack of the last episode of "Friends", broke all records. This was followed by a marathon tour throughout the United States, which ended with the departure of bassist Markku Lappalainen. He was immediately replaced by Josh Moreau, Katy Perry's current bassist, who eventually gave up his place to David Amezcua and then Jesse Charland. In 2018, after a six-year absence, the group collaborated with the producer of the Maroon 5 and released a seventh album "Push Pull", far removed from previous albums.

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