Léo Ferré

Léo Ferré (Léo Albert Charles Antoine Ferré) was born on 24 August 1916. He is a French-Monegasque singer-songwriter, pianist and poet. Interested in music from an early age, Léo Ferré took his first steps in this world by joining a choir: an opportunity for him to learn music theory and harmony. In addition to being a variety singer, Léo Ferré conducted symphony orchestras. The music lover discovered the works of Beethoven thanks to his violinist uncle. After completing his studies and obtaining his baccalaureate in philosophy, Léo Ferré worked as a music critic. He joined the army in 1939 before being demobilised in 1940, at which time he began to write his first songs. His musical career really began in 1946, in Paris. During a tour, Léo Ferré frequented the Spanish anarchist movements. The latter had a great influence on the young man, who used his anarchist experience as a basis for his compositions. In 1955, the artist became known to the public thanks to his appearance at the Olympia. Among his greatest hits were the songs "C'est extra" and "Avec le temps", with their revolting and sad lyrics that resonated with young audiences. During his 46-year career, Léo Ferré recorded more than 50 albums. He is considered the most prolific French singer of all time. Find the piano scores for Léo Ferré's "C'est extra" and "Avec le temps" to cover the greatest hits of this outstanding singer.

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