Nino Rota

Nino Rota was born in 1911 in Milan and died in 1979 in Rome. A composer and conductor, Nino Rota grew up in a family of musicians, which naturally gave him a taste for music and writing. He enrolled at the Milan Conservatory at an early age. His talent was not long in being spotted as he was only 12 years old when he composed his first oratorio. At the age of 18, he decided to join the Sainte-Cécile Conservatory. He studied under Alfredo Casella. A year later, he obtained a scholarship to study for two years in Pennsylvania. Not satisfied with being a talented musician, he returned to Milan to study literature. At the same time, he quickly began composing film music. And he was right to do so. Throughout his career, he collaborated with great directors, from Federico Fellini to Terence Young and Henri Verneuil. Nino rota worked a lot with Fellini and composed the soundtrack for La Strada and La Dolce Vita. He also composed the soundtrack for Rocco and his brothers and Le Guépard. But, of course, how can we talk about Nino Rota's career without mentioning the film music that made him famous throughout the world? Indeed, in 1972, Nino Rota composed the soundtrack for Francis Ford Coppolla's film The Godfather, for which he received a Golden Globe. On Noviscore, you can find the piano sheet music for The Godfather and immerse yourself in the very special world of this film.

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