Sidney Bechet

artist-Sidney Bechet Sidney Bechet was a clarinettist, saxophonist and jazz composer who set the standard in his musical world. Born in 1897 in New Orleans, he died in 1959 in Garches. He studied with "Papa" and Lorenzo Tio and then went to Chicago with Freddie Keppard and Tony Jackson. He then went to London where he discovered the soprano saxophone, which allowed him to develop the thrilling vibrato that distinguished him from other jazz players. In 1924 he joined Duke Ellington's band, an adventure that didn't even last three months due to Sidney Bechet's failure to show up for several concerts. He moved to New York after a stay in Britain. He was then introduced to Louis Armstrong but problems with brawling forced him to return to Europe. This time he went to France where he spent four years with Joséphine Becker in the Revue Nègre. But he shot a banjo player and was expelled from France for some time. He returned in 1949 and was noticed at the Paris Jazz Festival. It was at this time that he became a star in France, notably with Petite Fleur. He also composed scores for the Ballet. Sidney Bechet then went on tour to Belgium where he met Albert Langue, whom he accompanied on trumpet. When Albert played him Le Doudou, a local song, Sidney Bechet adapted it to the music of New Orleans and it became a huge success. Photo credit:  Public domain ©William P. Gottlieb - Image cropped for format needs

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