This Irish rock band from Dublin has been a solid symbol of its generation ever since it formed in 1976. Bono is an emblematic public figure, recognized not only as the leader of U2 but also as a major spokesperson for political and humanitarian causes worldwide. In the beginning, U2 called themselves Feedback then The Hype. They made their very first TV appearance in 1978, when Adam Clayton was still acting as their manager. One of their friends suggested they rename the band U2 but Bono rejected it as a definite no-no. They did, nevertheless, ended up changing their name, adopting the new title of U2 in March 1978. Bono and his band won first prize at Limerick Civic Week Pop '78 Competition on March 17, 1978. It was also around this time that Dick Evans left the group and formed Virgin Prunes, an Irish post-punk band. The remaining line-up has stayed the same ever since, comprising Bono, The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen Jr. It was also in 1978 that U2 took on Paul McGuinness as their new manager; he became such an integral part of the group that he was, for many years, considered the 5th member of this most successful live band of all time (until he decided to quit, in November 2013). By the late Seventies, U2 was beginning to make a real name for itself, playing the pubs circuit. But by the time their first album, Boy, was released, it was evident that they were becoming too big for that game. A European and American tour was organized and success really started kicking in for them with the advent of their second album, October. However, when they released their third opus, War, featuring Sunday Bloody Sunday, the tides changed completely, propelling them to the forefront of the international stage. Since then, they have produced no less than 11 albums and have graced the rock landscape with classic hits such as One, With or Without You, Beautiful Day and Elevation.

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