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Alan Silvestri

Alan Silvestri is a film composer, born March 26th, 1950 in New York. Alan was in his twenties when he composed his first film scores, notably for The Doberman Gang and its sequels, directed by Byron Churdnow. But his career really took off in the Eighties, when he started his long-term collaboration with Robert Zemeckis. They started working together in 1984, on Romancing the Stone, then followed up with the Back to the Future series and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? and, more recently, Cast Away. The musicof Forrest Gump was also a product of this professional partnership (you will find the Forrest Gump Feather Theme piano score here in Noviscore). Meanwhile, he wrote several theme tunes and scores for TV, including Starsky and Hutch, Hooker and Manimal. Part of Alan Silvestri’s talent lies in his ability to write extremely varied scores, ranging from The Mummy Returns, Lilo & Stitch and Night at the Museum. All told, Alan has over a hundred scores to his name, in movies, shorts and TV shows, and does not intend to stop! Case in point: he scored The Croods in 2013 and The Croods 2 in 2017. Similarly, after writing the music for The Avengers, in 2012, we will be hearing his compositions again, in the sequel, Avengers: Infinity War, due for release in 2017.

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