Alan Walker

artist-Alan Walker Alan Walker is a British-Norwegian songwriter and DJ born in 1997 in England. He was only 17 years old when the colossal success of "Faded" propelled him to the forefront. A true musical prodigy, the teenager mixed and produced his songs on the family computer from the age of 14. In 2014, he released a first track called "Fade" on his YouTube channel and immediately caught the attention of record labels, impressed by his creative genius. He signed his first contract with a record company and released two other songs. It was then that Sony Music Sweden noticed him and offered him a contract to record a sung version of his first song "Fade". The song was renamed "Faded" and the Norwegian singer Iselin Solheim was chosen to perform the lyrics. Alan Walker, previously unknown to the general public, became a global star within a few days and his electro house hit made the whole world dance. He continued his collaboration with the singer on the track "Sing me to sleep" which was a great success but it was not until his single "Alone" sung by Noonie Bao that his reputation caught fire again. Today, he is one of the greatest DJs on the planet but he keeps a cool head because he is well aware that this success from nowhere can slip through his fingers at any time... Photo credit: Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 ©Alan Walker - Image cropped for format needs

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