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Dean Martin

Dino Paul Crocetti, better known as Dean Martin, was an Italian-American actor and crooner born in 1917 in the United States. Not very passionate about his education, he left school at 16 to live on odd jobs and went to clubs and nightclubs, which enabled him to make connections in the community. At that time, he performed in New York speakeasies where he sang a Latin crooner repertoire under the pseudonym Dean Martin. In 1946, he met the comedian Joseph Levitch, alias Jerry Lewis, with whom he formed one of the most popular comic duos of his generation, the Martin and Lewis Duo in 1946. Together, they made a series of feature films (13 to their credit) and their success was phenomenal. But tensions soon appeared between the two partners and the duo broke up in 1956 at the height of their glory. The breakup was bitter. Meanwhile, Dean Martin strengthened his reputation as a singer with the unforgettable cover of the song "Sway" in 1954. After the separation, however, Martin managed to bounce back and pursue his acting career alongside Marlon Brando and John Wayne. At the same time, he really threw himself into his music and formed the group "Rat Pack" with his friend Frank Sinatra. For 3 years, the group toured the United States and were a great success, but Dean Martin did not forget his solo career and recorded the hit "Everybody Loves Somebody" which was a worldwide hit. At that time, he also hosted his own television show "The Dean Martin Show", which was also a success. He continued making films but devoted more time to song and television. While everything seemed to be going well for him, his son's accidental death and illness accelerated his own death in December 1995.

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