Joseph Dubreuil

Joseph Dubreuil, born in 1979, is a musician from Saint-Etienne in France. After studying and starting his career as a landscape gardener, he decided aged 22 to change direction and start all over again by taking up music. He then studied musicology at the University of Saint-Etienne, which he did in parallel with courses at the National Conservatory in playing the cello, writing (harmony & counterpoint) and music theory classes. Passionate about classical music (Schubert, Bach), and a great lover of chamber music which nourishes his musical inspiration, Joseph Dubreuil also opened his musical horizons to world music, mainly from Armenia, but also to the gypsy music of Central Europe and Russia. As a musician, he plays jazz guitar, oud and piano with passion. And it is with all these musical resources, coming from the four corners of the world, that he likes to compose and mix the colours to combine all the horizons that are close to his heart.

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