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Innovations from Noviscore


Regarding our catalogue, we have decided to provide quality and variety of offer (as opposed to volume) for each song. The sheet music we provide has not been simply downloaded from another site and posted up on our own. Each one has been carefully created by us. We are experienced pianists ourselves so we are eager to provide you with piano sheet music of high musical quality that is perfectly adapted to this wonderful instrument - the piano.

We work as a small team. We don't outsource the responsibility of producing adaptations and no score is posted to our website until it has been endorsed by Noviscore's 2 piano-playing partners. It may seem that we are more interested in "hand-made" craftsmanship than a mass-industry approach, but we are very intent on working this way as we believe it is essential in order to guarantee the quality that we are able to provide.

This quality approach entails a great deal of work for each song

  1. We make sure that our piano sheets are a perfect reflection of the "single" or radio versions of songs, in other words, the versions you are accustomed to hearing. All our sheet music is confirmed by at least 2 musicians.
  2. To write our sheet music, we form a team of 2 or 3 musicians. We compare our propositions so as to find the best possible adaptations, always with a view to keeping them as simple as possible. All these musicians are experienced in teaching, so they are aware of the difficulties that users can encounter. If we need additional confirmation, we use a panel of users to test our sheet music to verify that they correspond to their level of skill.
  3. Before being put online, the music sheets are checked one last time by the 2 associates and a third musician to make sure they are perfectly error-free.
  4. In the case of English songs, the lyrics are checked and, if necessary, corrected, by English-speaking lyricists.
  5. Regarding our recorded sheet music extracts, we carry out our own audio renditions, either through direct acoustic takes or using the best possible sounds we can find (this excerpt is given free with every piano sheet music you purchase)
    When you hear audio extracts on our site, you hear real instruments as opposed to synthetic sounds reproduced by a computer sound card. We also offer you the possibility to listen to an extract of the original songs.

Please help us to provide irreproachable quality by sharing any comments or suggestions you may have regarding our products (see the "Contact us" section in the bottom left-hand side of the home page)

Sheet music adapted to your skill level and needs

It would be unthinkable for a piece of clothing or a pair of shoes to be available in only one size! The same goes for piano music sheets: a "one-score proposition" is not suitable for everyone! This is because we don't all have the same level of technical skill, the same ability to read music, the same amount of time to practice or the same needs (playing solo, or with a singer).

For this reason, for every tune or piece, Noviscore provides several music sheets, adapted to different usages and different skill levels. They include a help system, to make them easier to read.

Solo piano sheet music

Solo piano sheets are generally written to suit 3 (or sometimes 4) skill levels. In the case of easy-playing versions, we always make sure we simplify the song without impoverishing it. Also, we do not all have the same knowledge of music theory or the same amount of time to devote to any one song. For this reason, some of our piano sheet music has a version "with reading aid", including an innovative system of visual aids to make the learning process easier and quicker. (See "Innovations from Noviscore").

Accompaniment piano sheet music

On these sheets, the 2 hands are devoted to accompaniment. So as not to overload the sheet music, we do not include the notes of the melody. However, we guide the singer by indicating the first note to be sung. For each score, our goal is to obtain an arrangement that sounds good but that is simple to play, to make it easy to sing and play at the same time. These music sheets are also available "with reading aid", to make deciphering the music even easier (see the section "Noviscore innovations").

Original versions

Wherever possible, we systematically offer original versions. However, in several cases, an original version does not exist. For example, if there is no piano in the song, then there is simply no original piano score available. Another case might be where songs have piano or guitar among their instruments, but no score has been written for these: obviously, in this case, these instruments are not stand-alone and depend on other instruments for their strength; therefore, their score is not of much interest.

Innovations to decipher quicker and play more easily!

Noviscore's quality and innovations is the product of several years of work with dozens of users. We gave them several scores to test, for feedback. Over the months, we have streamlined our ideas for improvement, fine-tuned hundreds of details and devised various innovations,which have earned us financial and logistic support from Oséo-Innovation (Anvar), in France.

Want to play piano without learning to read music?

In "level 1" piano sheet music, we simply replace the notes... by their names! level 1

We indicate in red the sharp and flat notes that are to be played on the black piano keys. Arrows are used to tell you when the left hand plays in some specific parts. Numbers are used to tell which finger plays the note (1 = thumb).

A diagram of a piano keyboard is used to help you find the notes and show how to position your hands to start playing. keyboard with notes

Reading piano sheet music more easily?

In piano sheet music with "reading help", we write the names of certain notes to make the sheet music quicker and easier to read. We indicate sharp and flat notes in red to help you avoid mistakes. reading aid

Arrows indicate when to play the left hand in some specific parts. We have removed the ties and rests to make the sheet music less loaded and to enable you to focus on the notes to be played.

Piano music in every style

We know that any given person may like to play different types of repertoires. That's why you'll find scores from every style in our catalog: easy-listening, movie soundtracks, classical, jazz, blues, gospel, world, children's songs, Christmas Carols, and even some Noviscore specials that you will not find anywhere else!

For every style, we select appropriate pieces that work particularly well on the piano. Sometimes we also even choose works that seem almost "impossible to play" on a piano but for which we have worked out versions that are novel and that have never been heard before.

Unfortunately, we can not provide you with all the tunes and works we'd like to offer because it is sometimes long and complicated, if not impossible, to obtain the necessary publishing rights.

However, we are persistent in our efforts to offer you an ever-increasing array of scores.

Customer service 7 days a week

To make sure we respond fast and in a customized way to every specific request, we provide technical support every day of the week. We also always make sure we never leave a single customer unanswered. If you encounter any difficulties trying to obtain your sheet music, feel free to contact us using the form provided .

But also...

Music sheets for solo instruments

Sheet music with melody + chords

Extracts :

In the original key (multi-instrument)

multi instrument

Transposed for instruments in B flat

instruments b flat

Transposed for instruments in E flat

instruments e flat

Video aids to help guide you visually

For several Level 1 piano scores, we also provide a video showing the hands playing the score at a slow pace. The video is divided into various parts, to allow you to focus on any given section of the song / piece. For your extra convenience, the image is of top quality and is displayed in a large window.

Audio aids to help guide you by ear

With some sheet music, you can download an mp3 file providing an audio recording of the score, section by section, played slightly slower than in the original version.

"Hearing what's written" will help you understand and perform the piece better.

To provide better audio quality, we have decided not to use the MIDI format, which would mean listening to the scores using internal computer soundcards.

Instead, we make our own audio recordings - either by making acoustic tracks or by selecting the best possible sounds.