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Here's our piano 4 hands version of Hallelujah by Rufus Wainwright

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Noviscorians' reviews (2)

Piano / Piano accompaniment / Level 3 (with reading aid, Original version)
don't pay for reading aid on this one, it's simple and there's actually no reading aid at all! shouldn't even be offered.
Noviscore answer:
Thank you for your recent purchase on our site. We have published your comments regarding the Hallelujah reading aid but wanted nevertheless to respond to you. As you may have noticed, there are no red notes in our reading aid, but that's because the original composition is in C Major, so there are no flats or sharps. This is just the way the piece was written! Nevertheless, the aim of our reading aids is to help the player sightread more easily by adding certain note names and removing all ties and rests so that the player can concentrate solely on the notes to be played. A preview of all reading aids by level is available and we are sorry that you were disappointed with your purchase. With best wishes, The Noviscore Team
Piano / Piano solo / Level 1
Pauta muito pobre, para aquilo que se paga.