Ennio Morricone

artist-Ennio Morricone Born November 10, 1928 and died July 6, 2020, Ennio Morricone is a world-renowned Italian composer. An outstanding conductor, he quickly distinguished himself as a composer specialising in film music. The artist's first steps were accompanied by the composer Goffredo Petrassi, who gave him his first music lessons. The young man then graduated from the National Academy of St. Cecilia (Rome) in 1946. He made his debut in classical and experimental music after training in composition, instrumentation and conducting in 1954. It was in 1957 that Ennio Morricone composed his first classical work. In 1961, he chose to devote himself to film music and television arrangements. Under the pseudonym Dan Savio, Ennio Morricone composed the music for the main theme of Sergio Leone’s film "A Fistful of Dollars”. From then on, the composer collaborated with various artists and directors. He is responsible for some of the most famous film scores, including “Playing Love” from "The Legend of 1900", "Once Upon a Time in the West" and "Man with a Harmonica" and "Chi Mai" from the French film "Le Professionel". The artist seduces us with his experimental, classical and easy-listening style. If you would like to play any of his compositions, choose from our selection below. Ennio Morricone has made his name in the world of music and film and his closest collaborators remain directors such as Giulio Petroni, Sergio Corbucci and Sergio Leone. Photo credit: CC BY-SA 4.0 ©Georges Biard - Image cropped for format needs

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