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The Winner Takes It All


Here's our piano 4 hands version of The Winner Takes It All by ABBA

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Noviscorians' reviews (2)

Piano / Piano solo / Level 3
excellent transposition of ABBA - The Winner Takes It All !!!
Piano / Piano solo / Level 3
I had been looking for a decent piano transcription of this song without success until I stumbled on your sample performance on YouTube. Your transcription captures a good deal of the valuable content of this composition. That said, I would really like a more complex version - level 4? which would also feature the variant accompaniments to each verse. Yes I was disappointed at the repeat markings. If you listen to the original you will know that, within the repeated shape of each verse and chorus there are different accompaniments which contribute to the dramatic effect of the words. Nevertheless, Bravo! for a creditable effort. This song is so very fine that it deserves the very best.