Cache-cache - Ludovico Einaudi
Cache-cache - Ludovico Einaudi
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Ludovico Einaudi

Heard in the 2011 French film, "The Untouchables", Cache-cache is one of the most famous piano compositions by the renowned Italian pianist and composer, Ludovico Einaudi. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced pianist, choose the right sheet music for your skill level. Amongst others, you'll find an easy piano sheet music with note names instead of symbols for those who are just starting to learn the piano. Accomplished players can try our complete piano score and stun your entourage! A reading aid is available if needed. Cache-cache features on Einaudi's album Sotto Falso Nome which was released in 2004.

Piano solo

  • Level 1 (5 pages)
  • Level 2 (5 pages)
  • Level 3 (5 pages)
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